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About the Practice

Since establishment in 1994 Dr. Gheewala has provided quality plastic surgery for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. Passion for safe and meticulous treatment is the core essence of all plans designed to surpass patient's expectations. Dr, Gheewala's office has a "5 star" rating on Yelp, Healthgrades

We’re in the business of delivering high quality results and highly satisfied patients who will go on to lead a better and more confident life.





“I found the surgeon to be a very warm and ethical doctor, which was extremely important for me when I decided to get a face lift. After such a great experience, I would highly recommend Dr. Gheewala.”
"Excellent surgeon with exceptional bedside manner. He is dedicated to success of his patients and respectful of his colleagues/coworkers."
"Dr. Gheewala is thorough and compassionate. He took the time to address all of my concerns. Because this was my first medical procedure I was very apprehensive, however he provided a detail explanation of the surgery and eased my anxiety. He was the only doctor that made me feel safe enough to take this journey with and I am thrilled with the results. He even made a special accommodation to see me for my 1st post operation appointment. Dr. Gheewala, thank you for making me feel like I was more than just another patient."
Yelp, Healthgrades, Vitals....



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2583 Ocean Ave, # 1R

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